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The Future of
Safety Products Design

What We Do

=We build IOT devices to connect the world and make transportation safer and more efficient. From outdoor sports to vehicles, we build iOT integrated sensor aware mesh network devices for safety, data collection and automation. We pair this data with AI and Machine Learning to create more efficient and safe environments.

Alan Helmick CEO

Alan Helmick

Co-Founder and Director of R&D

Alan is a highly creative digital native and tech savvy.  As a technology leader with 30+ years of experience, his skills range from inventing, designing, prototyping, fabricating and programming robotics to designing and delivering complex front-end and back-end software programming projects.  His enormous energy and quick mind allow him to ideate and deliver products to market quickly.  

He is responsible for all active Infrastructure and Internet based projects including new development.  Currently, he is working on pattern recognition and AI for Robotics and security applications.

patrick keating director of customer experience

Patrick Keating

Director of Customer Experience, UX/UI Consultant

Patrick was a natural choice for acting Director of Customer Experience.  With 20+ years of direct customer engagement and tailoring of specific solutions for customers, Patrick has fine tuned his ability to deliver precise and value-added experiences to a variety of audiences.  His broad background in client management, technical training, UX, and marketing gives him a unique perspective as a problem solver.  

He is responsible for orchestrating and directing the design of all customer interfaces and interactions, including branding, graphics, copywriting, app design and web design.

Our products are proudly built in Boulder, Colorado at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains

Built in Boulder
girl with pink bike helmet

"If our product saves just one life then it was worth building."

- Alan Helmick