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SafeItUp is a personal safety App that gives peace of mind knowing that someone is looking out for you. Great for when your children are going out, adventure seekers, elderly people living alone, first dates, home appointments, tradies working alone onsite & when heading home from a night out.

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    Check-in Feature

    The Check-in feature enables you to set up for the user to "check-in" at a specified time. This will then send to your contacts that you have checked-in and are ok. This feature can be set up to send a message to the check-in contacts each time the user checks in, or to send an alert only if the user misses a check-in. It will always send an alert and location if a Check-in is missed.

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    Track-me Feature

    Walking home and have that feeling someone is following you? In a taxi home after a night out? Enable your Track-me feature and this will send regular updates of your GPS location to your Track-me contacts to show them exactly where you are until you reach your destination. Your location will be shown in message format with an option to view on a map.

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    Help and Emergency

    The HELP and EMERGENCY features can be used to send instant notifications to your Check-In contacts when you find yourself in a dangerous or threatening situation. The HELP function will send a notification and your location to your Check-In contacts. The EMERGENCY function will do the same thing but will also place a call to the Emergency Service entered in your settings.